BRUSSELS. Thriller author David Alexander has been named guest lecturer on defense policy at
NATO's prestigious School of Advanced Weaponry and Tactics in Brussels, Belgium,
according to a report released by NATO yesterday.

Alexander, whose gripping page-turners such as Threatcon Delta and Snake Handlers have been the
subject of intense scrutiny by the Pentagon's warplanners as a guide toward designing
better weapons and military strategies, will deliver a weekly series of lectures on
advanced warfighting that will run the gamut from weapons, tactics, training, and
technologies including stealth warfare, on which he is an expert.

It was reportedly David Alexander's books Tomorrow's Soldier and his later Stealth Warfare
that sparked the Pentagon's keen interest in his writings on defense.

"Prior to the publication of Stealth Warfare," a source from the Office of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff told this reporter, "the subject had not only never been written about in book
form, but had actually never been conceptualized as a specific war form in its own

David Alexander's Stealth Warfare changed this, and copies obtained by the
Defense Department so startled denizens of the Pentagon's E-Ring that the book
became the subject of intensive study and commentary. "We not only wondered
how this author had found out about some of the most secret aspects of stealth,
we were astounded by his proposals for advanced stealth weaponry that nobody
here [at the Pentagon] had yet conceived of."

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